FACILITATOR: Sally Mabelle, The Voice of Leadership Specialist

Would you like people to stop, take notice, and really listen when you speak? Having a strong voice and presence is invaluable for your effectiveness in the world. Do you have it?

Many of us have held back our full voice for fear of rejection, criticism, or backlash. Are you still blocking your full voice in some way?

We all recognise a strong voice and presence when we see it. Someone walks into the room and owns the space. When they speak, people respond. Personal presence can help you win a promotion, make a sale, or lead your team and organisation through change.

Executive Presence is not some mysterious, undefinable charisma. It involves a set of skills that you can develop. Learning how to empower your authentic voice impacts your own self-image and your potential power to affect others positively and influence change.

In this interactive session, you will gain practical techniques and awareness to present yourself with confidence and authority. You'll learn how to project assertiveness in your voice and to build your credibility with colleagues, stakeholders, and clients.

You will gain invaluable insights into how you see yourself so you can upgrade your self-image and begin to manage the perceptions others have of you. With a stronger voice of leadership, you will be better able to inspire others to action and gain greater support and buy-in for your ideas.

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