There are many different ways you can support our work.

Fantail Network is about to navigate a bigger flight path and we are keen to have you along for the ride as a supporter for future growth.

In true start-up fashion, we have established a crowdfunding 'creating the flight path' campaign to enable us to continue to provide women in business, at whatever stage of their career, the encouragement and support they need to be even more successful.

What will we achieve with this crowd funding campaign?  Creating the flight path will enable: 

  • Financial foundation for the next Fantail Network Symposium
  • National roll-out of mentoring programme
  • Website upgrade
  • Establish internship programme
  • Launch Fantail Network Christchurch

Make a one-off donation by credit card or direct debit or download donation form.  The Fantail Network Trust is a Registered Charity (CC53327).

We are always on the look out for Sponsors and volunteer working committee members. Discover how you can become part of the Fantail Flight Path team by registering your interest.